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What would you buy?

I would buy a yard of expensive fabric or a designer coffee table book, possibly interior design magazines subscriptions and a bundle of bird feathers on Ebay to DIY a juju hat.

See, I just love anything to do with interior design.

3 years ago I went back to college, graduated (surprisingly because I did it all without sleeping) and opened Masseria Chic shortly after. I was really hoping to work for a seasoned firm first but with 3 kids, a military husband and a dog I just could not pencil that in.

Masseria Chic is a little over a year old and I am learning a lot of business and life lessons along the way, encountering many challenges and ‘man, oh man’ I just love all the people I meet, I love designing and shopping! Shopping is the best part, even if I don’t buy anything, I just love imagining it - in a house - in my head.

I have been thinking about blogging for a while but I wasn’t sure what is the relevance of what I have to say. But, hey, I learned that we all have an amazing, unique, desperately challenging journey on this planet and He has it all planned out.

So I am spending those $100 on myself and I’ll blog about it.



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