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Some dish towels are just too cute to be used as their original purpose! I buy them a lot because I rather not use paper towels and I like how they bring personality and decor to the kitchen but these two in the picture I knew I wanted to frame right away.

My oldest daughter loves to ride horses and the equine markings pink towel was just too cute. The ostrich print towel is a vintage image form a 1889 book called "Cent récits d'histoire naturelle" by C.Delon that I've seen before and always loved.

Towels are affordable and very easy to frame. All you need is an iron, some spray starch and a store bought frame. Ikea has tons of frames suited for this project like the Ribba frames.

I brought my towels to a frame shop because I wanted a custom look (and because framing is a lot cheaper in Bahrain)

I love the result! The ostrich has a fun silver frame.

Ostrich dish towel found here. Equine markings dish towel found here (now on sale!).

I framed my towels here.

I also like to look for affordable art at craft fairs, vintage markets and online on Etsy and Papersource.

You can frame wrapping paper, a vintage or not! tablecloth sample, even your kids baby clothes. I am on a hunt for a '50 bathing suit! I think it would look great in the summer on a gallery wall.

Happy hunting!



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