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I took a few shots of my living room today. I am making some changes in the near future and wanted to remember how the room looked originally.

We have been renting this home since August. I was able to choose the room paint colors and have the curtains replaced (not the hardware). I chose to create a very neutral background.

All the pieces in the sitting area came from our home in Virginia Beach except the rug, some accessories like pillows and a few objects on the tables. And oh yes, we found that wedding blanket in Morocco!

Wondering about that painted portrait? I found it in Germany at an auction house with my dad. I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it. Funny thing is, he looks like my dad when he was younger. I guess we never forget our first love.

The coffee table was given to us by my parents years ago. It used to sit in their living room! I just sanded it down and used some liming wax to lighten the wood.

The bone inlay half moon is a gift of my husband (who had no doubt I would like it). It was purchased here, but made in India.

The suzani on the wall was a lucky find a few week ago. Suzanis are my current obsession.

My home is truly a testament of both our origins and our cultural experiences. I believe in always remaining true to your origins, hence the name of my business "Masseria Chic" which is a Farmhouse commonly found in Puglia, Italy where I was born. But just as Puglia's cultural heritage has been influenced by other nations, so have I.



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