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I am usually a neutral/tons of texture kind of girl but I who can resist these colorful interiors?

Lately I am finding a lot of inspiration from vibrant and lively spaces. They feel young and fun.

I love how the bright white walls and natural wood texture are accompanied by the vibrant colors, the starburst lights and fun artwork...and the cutest dog! Don't you feel like you want to hangout with these people? This is Brooklyn Decker's dining room! You can see more picture of her Texas home here.

No white walls here but the room still feels bright and totally welcoming right? So many colors and patterns. Super fun. I love the peacock bed ! You can have it all at fenton&fenton here!

How many patterns and colors can you count? I can see 8 colors and 16 patterns without counting the screen! I would love to have a bubbly prosecco dressed in my colorful kaftan that a naked man behind the lamp? Perfection! Haha. Picture found here.

And let's just keep dreaming in Schumacher wallpaper heaven. No laundry rooms in the Middle East and seldomly this spacious anywhere. But it would be so fun to have a laundry room. And one that looked like this. Picture found here.

Have a nice day!



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