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William McLure's home is absolutely fabulous. And the captivating thing is that as you look through the pictures online (on almost every platform) the background changes, the objects are rearranged, the chairs get reupholstered and the floor plan gets shifted around. The result of each evolution? Absolutely fabulous. And tons of inspiration. I think he has a great sense of style.

red walls

Stained floors, hand painted chair rail and blue walls.

red walls

Painted floors, red walls and the big turtle shell is now in front of the fireplace.

white walls

I like better that painted portrait against the white walls..

That table..

is now white!

And where the table once was, a smaller one that leaves space for a white conversation chair.

There he is with his best friend. He is even handsome. And the white chairs got a new suit. And so did the floors. Pic found here.

Hallway to the bedroom. Neutral rug and white fabric for the poster bed.

New rug (did it inspired the new floors in the living room?), no fabric for the poster bed and another great white and blue pottery piece...

Fabric back on (I love it) and the bed now is facing the other way. Still great.

I think he likes it better this way.

McLure is a designer and artist who resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

You can find these and more pictures of his work here.

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