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While in Italy this summer, I bought a pair of twin candelbra at the monthly antique market in Martina Franca . They have the ivory and ebony look and clean lines that remind me of the Art Deco era. I am not sure what their origin is. The base is made of wood and the candelabra itself kind of looks like ivory but it's quite too light and does not have those age lines..could be ivory 'paste'.

Anyway, I loved them and took them home.

I bought cream candles as the white one looked to bright and as it happens often, the candles don't fit 'perfectly' in the candesticks. You can't have that. Imagine a nice evening with friends, sipping a glass of prosecco and talking about your new candelabra from Italy. Somebody picks the candelabra up and the candles start to wobble, maybe even fall out! And who knows, maybe in the attempt of keeping it all together, red wine spills on the sofa. See? You cant have that!

My trick is to pour a pool of wax inside the candle holder. I spin the candle while it drips so all sides melt equally.

As the candle holder fills up, insert your candle and hold up straight for few seconds as the wax hardens. Now, this is not the only way to do this but it is the quickest, cheapest and my favorite. Moreover the final look is seamless: no tape, paper, modeling clay or else showing.

One more thought: I like to see 'used' candles in candelabra. A tall candle with a brand new wick looks a little 'sterile' to me; unless you are in a store the home should look lived in and welcoming. So light up your candles or use them in the evening! Your candelabra will look even more beautiful in the candlelight.

Notice how the candles are taller here...

..and a little shorter here. Another thing I consider is the balance between the candelabra and the candles. I think it looks best in the last pictures. What do you think?



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