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Back in July 2016 I posted a picture on my IG account. It was the summer we moved from the US to Bahrain, my household goods were on a container somewhere in the South Atlantic while the kids and I spent the summer with my family in Italy. I spotted this vintage Laura Biaggiotti leather suitcase at an antique market in Rome and although I am not stranger to impulse shopping, I just could not even wrap my head around the thought of bringing in yet another item I had to figure out how to use and where to put in our new house.... in a new country....of a new continent. Get where I was coming from?

Moving across the world can bring stress even to the most seasoned shoppers.

But little did I know that the suitcase would have been part of my life after all.

This is the IG pic.

Just few months later I received my Laura Biaggiotti light cognac leather suitcase as a Christmas gift from my mom. She is some kind of awesome. My mom too. Ha!

It took me a year to decide how to display the suitcase. I wanted to use it in our living room but it somewhat felt a little wasted on top of my armoire, a little out of scale in my library and definitely too expected on a suitcase stand. But as I designed a custom metal and glass etagere for a client, it made total sense to have a side table built around the suitcase. Finish to match the hardware and a glass top to protect the leather form wine glasses and play doh ( by th way- I am almost out of that phase with my last one..) and allow total visibility.

The X on the bottom allows for a basket with blankets or magazines, pottery or seasonal decor (or nothing at all) and it feels 'svelte'. I could have gone a little smaller in height but it does give me flexibility this way if one day I like the table by itself against the wall with the phone and catching change on top... those military moves you know..

On another note - I will sure try to blog more often. Writing (and in English!) does not come easy for me plus I totally overthink this..but I'll Try!



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