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As one of the chicest spots in Jaipur and top instagrammed locations, I could not NOT visit Bar Palladio while in India. I also came across an AD article from March '18 and became even more intrigued by the inspiration and crossing paths of Palladio designer Marie-Anne Oudejans and owner Barbara Miolini. Both women left their birth countries, lived a creative life, called Europe home for a long lenght of time and eventually ended up in Jaipur.

Oudejans is the successful fashion designer behind the brand Tocca ( 'touch' in Italian ). She had never considered interiors before but her experience in fashion, extensive travels and educated sense of beauty allows for her aesthetic to translate beautifully. When Molini offered the opportunity to design the Bar Palladio she took her chance. Miolini worked in Hotel Villa Cipriani in Venice, Italy for 15 years, launched a textile company in India and eventually decided that "what India needed was a grand old European cafe'"; hence 'Bar Palladio' from the italian architect of the 16th century Andrea Palladio.

If you know me personally, you understand how I am so captured by all this..

I visited the peacock blue Bar Palladio for dinner.

That marble counter..just in case you thought the place was too flowery and feminine, here's a dose of fearless power. And did you noticed the bar area is another blue?

The very next day we had just enough time between visits to hit the Caffe'Palladio for lunch. Just accross the street. This one is actually my favorite.

Adressing the ceiling with a tented look really elevates the design.

And recently they also opened a store!

And my kids getting along thank goodness, ha!

Thank you for stopping by!



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