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We visited Old Delhi on a Sunday. We didn't plan it this way but it was probably providential considering our youngest is only 6 years old. Old Delhi is very crowded, very raw and has a lot of 'strong smells'.

It wasn't as busy as usual but we still managed to get stuck in traffic. And we were traveling on a tuc tuc.

My favorite ever is this little boy working. On a Sunday. Barefoot. Soon up the road there was a book store. One of the few stores open that day.

When you're cool, you're cool. He's cool.

How about this guy smiling at me. I love their genuine smiles. Disarming warmth.

Look at that stone work, and that arch window on the right.

Also, I loved reading this post from Sabrina at on the reasons why she travels to developping countries. She writes it so well and I am stealing her words. It's about..' developing awarness on international social and political issues, acknowledging how blessed we are but mostly that when it comes to human race affinities are more than differences'. Read her post here.



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