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Wish I could type as fast as things happen... These last 3 months have been action packed!

In a nutshell : I packed my house end of May (Bahrain), lived on air mattress beds for 3 months (US) and moved into our new home last week (Northern Virginia-DC area). Cutting through the boring parts, the highlights of my last 90 days - interior design speaking - have been a huge 70% off sale at Shade of Lights store closing and visiting some of my favorite stores in Virginia Beach. I've managed to keep designing for a couple of clients and did some upkeep on our property home, that is now rented again.

I am currently (as a week from today) in our new house, knee deep into unpacking and making design decisions for this place.

As an important side note, I need to add that we closed on this place after over a month of searching! And we are just renting! That means that the shopping spree at Shades of Light was done not knowing how my future home would look like and that I've fantasized about furniture placement and decor to do list, for over 6 different places.

As we got in, school started the very same day as we received our stuff and truly I have no time to get fancy with this rental. Sounds like the most nightmare client scenario: stressed, no money to go the extra mile and it was supposed to be all ready yesterday.

Good thing I remember exactly what I own. I haven't slept a full night in a week but it's payback time; the day stuff showed up at my front door I knew exactly where I wanted the big pieces. I had the guys unpack those for me, gave clear direction to where to put them and asked to take back all packing material. This makes for a functional home already.

Although I don't love this home floor plan, it has some kickass features, like a HUGE laundry room, with fridge, shelves and backyard access (I won't mention it does not have AC and half of it has carpet...oops). The laundry room it's right behind our garage and I am envisioning a heater and a big desk with a bunch of chair for family arts and crafts, sewing and painting projects, storage for all my fabrics...but for now I had the guys store all my boxed there (they are up to the ceiling now).

I go down, drink my club soda and unpack away; wash and carry upstairs.

What I find it's totally random as I have to open with some sort of Tetris criteria.

So far, finding new sets of sheets ( yup, same ones for 3 month), glasses we can put in the microwave and my curtains have been my most loved items.

As I find stuff, I love to share where I bought them, especially if they were purchased abroad. So many funny stories behind them and somewhat of a struck of genius for how well they work in this home...or not.

Bed time is coming soon and I can't delay. Sleeping on your own bed truly feels like a luxury. The first night after months on it, my husband and I laid down, each with our own big space, took a big breath and said something like 'I Love you, we did it. And I am so happy that I won't feel you tossing or invading my space tonight '. Isn't that what love is about? You do you, I do me and we stand right next to each other like best of friends. Or sleep. Whatever.

Good night!



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