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As a designer I know that there are a million different ways to deliver an elegant room. Finding that special formula of design elements that delivers a refined space while respecting the client's guidelines is the challenge of our job and the fun of it.

While considering powder rooms, there is 1 element that delivers infallibly elegance and it works with so many decorating styles.

Can you guess what it is?

I love the bamboo vanity! And how bold is wallpaper choice against that marble? And the mirror? So brave and absolutely stunning. Reads very masculine and elegant to me. Kristin Paton Interiors

A lot 'cleaner' here but still so refined. Designer unknown but link here .

If you are thinking about the wall-mount faucet..yep but not exactly... Dana Water Interiors

Very pretty but this feels different to me.. Kate Marker Interiors

The scalloped backsplash yes! And here, although it's a traditional element therefore it has somewhat of a romantic vibe, feels super modern. It is pared with geometry and clean lines. So fab! Found here

Found here.

This feels like a refined country take. Here.

So simple and elegant! A slab of rustic wood with a delicate wallpaper, basin, and scalloped backsplash of course. Picture found here.

You can't go wrong with scalloped backsplash!

For a quicker fix while you call the contractor : install a fabulous mirror :)

Happy night!



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