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HOLIDAY FETE 2019 - The story behind the pictures

If you missed the Holiday Fete 2019, this was my installation at the Doris Leslie Blau Shop and how it all came about.

I visited the Washington Design Center and all its fabulous shops few months after I moved to Northern VA and I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Madeleine Mitchell, DLB Dc Manager, on a couple of events. Warm, welcoming, stylish is what you think of her right away but also talented, strong and professional. When she posted on Instagram she was looking for a designer to decorate her shop for this event, I reached out immediately. Through Instagram is usually not the way I do it, but I didn't want to lose a second and had a feeling she would be 'welcoming'. I knew I wanted and had to use the Italian Masseria as my main inspiration. After all, is the name on my business.

My DM to her: "... My inspiration for your tabletop would be the Italian Masseria. Effortless elegance with a touch of whimsical. I promise it will be a show stopper..." A little bold there but I had to let her know I felt confident.

She knew I would use some items from Cote Jardin Antiques (and by the way, that's another post soon) and that in itself is a passport to heaven.

Madeleine mentioned I could order one rug from the Doris Leslie Blau website and also that she had 3 main areas in the shop. 1 rug became 3 and I had just in mind how to use the space. My long love affair with two items at Cote jardin Antiques is well documented on my IG. The cage above got a lot of attention during the event and I could not leave behind my dream boyfriend Apollo Belvedere.

Sift through the DLB website to select the rugs took some time, I kept falling in love with some many rugs. The selection is amazing and so many of them could carry a room on their own. I narrowed down my search to Antique and Vintage rugs, refined dimensions to fit the size of the tables and hunted rugs that had soft contrast of burnt yellows, greens, blues (the land, the vegetation and the Med) but were different from each other because I want to keep your attention.

This is my initial Mood Board as sent midway through the design process to Madeleine and Allyson Terry, Cote Jardin Manager.

A picture I took, voluntary still life painting inspired, of my tabletop decor concept as I presented it to Madeleine.

The rest was a developing and editing of my design. Some tweaks here and there and great attention in creating a set up that looked and felt truly like a room in a fabulous Masseria in Puglia, but also a realistic tabletop where you could add food, wine, music and sit down for dinner.

The last layer of my design and the cherry on top are the pretty decor items from my Collaboration Collection line. I share the ownership and design with another great woman, Ronni. A force of nature and really strong artist and designer. She was great help to the design process and took all responsibilities for our line while I was busy with this event.

The items where all over the tables and added a layer of interest.

Holiday Fete proceeds support the Children Hospital Foundation and is sponsored by Home & Design magazine and the Washington Design Center. Designers donate their talent and local business lend their merchandise.

My partner Ronni painted my still life picture in oil and she auctioned it for charity. I thought it was such a great idea to further raise money.

Stay dry in this gloomy Virginia day!



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