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December 13, 2016

I always hunt for treasures at thrift shops, antique malls and discounts stores for both myself and my clients. It’s a great way to control the budget, be green, find something unique or DIY one of a kind. 

I found my feather wreath last spring at this thrift store in Virginia Beach for $2. Seriously. 

It smelled a little weird and some of the feathers needed to be pulled and re-glued but for $2 I can buy it and put it away (with a lavender sachet!) until I am ready. When I saw the can mirror I knew it was perfect. It has a depth of 5 inches with a geometric detail that gives it a little presence. Plus it was on        sale for less than $10! Found it here.

I just hot glue gun the wreath to the metal frame.
























 I like how the depth of the can mirror allows the feathers to move and keep their natural shape.


TIP: Make sure the wreath is nice and light. Mine is made with a styrofoam and the feathers are long with a lot of volume. You can make your own wreath by purchasing a flat back styrofoam wreath at any craft store and order rooster feathers online.




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