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 My designs are classically rooted - I favor natural materials, traditional elements and I like to include a curated selection of antiques and vintage furnishings.  I introduce globally sourced finishes, design elements and decor to give an unexpected edge to the design narrative that feels effortless and chic.'

F e d e r i c a 
Masseria Chic Federica Asack.jpg

I was born and raised in Italy but moved countless times from when I was a little girl to well into my adult life. I lived in Europe, the US and even spent a couple of years in the Middle East.

I feel a strong sense of belonging to the southern region of Puglia, in Italy, where I was born and spent most of my summers, and Rome where I lived the longest during my young adult years and where most of my family still resides

My lifestyle and experiences gave me a great appreciation for the value of home and honed my sensibility toward aesthetics.  Decorating our homes became a form of self expression, a way to shape and honor our family life and pure exploration of the visual delight. 

 Along the way I went back to school for Interior Design and Masseria Chic, in honor of the traditional residences of Puglia, was born in 2015. My Studio is based in Northern Virginia. 

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