I was born and raised in Italy. I moved countless times since I was a little girl.

 I spent almost every summer at the beach in the south of Italy and remember vividly my grandmother's antique shop.

Italy is still the all time favorite place. The beauty and culture of my country it's great inspiration for me.

My personal and cultural pattern honed my sensibility toward 

aesthetics; I've gained an appreciation for diversity and broadened my taste and knowledge.  

My design style aims to deliver classic elegant interiors with a soulful mix of unexpected design elements from around the world.

Masseria Chic, in honor of the traditional residences of Puglia,

 was born in 2015.

This year, in addition to my interior design work, I am collaborating as a Founder and Designer on the launch of a decor line called

Collaboration Collection.


I live in McLean, Virginia.

F e d e r i c a 
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