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Ronni Logan Living Room

One of the healthy aspects of moving is definitely meeting new people and making new friends. Quite daunting at times but so beneficial to be exposed to new perspectives, feel challenged and inspired.

Case in point, my new friend Ronni from Ronni Logan Interiors. She was born in England, moved a bit and lived a while in Africa. She is an interior designer with a background in fashion and stage design. I think you will be able to see all this elements in her home ...and of course I am partial to rooms that feature global elements but are rooted in classic design...

Ronni is the first interior designer I've connected with in this area. It's so refreshing to my creativity, drive and mood to have someone you can share inspiration, bounce ideas off and ultimately receive support. It's so crucial, I think, to have a support system that is not romantic but platonic and crucially female.

The African masks are to dye for and how about her collection of everyday real silver silverware... beautiful!

Ronni is a wonderful artist and skilled framer! Love her gallery wall. And maybe you didn't miss my Indian figurine on blue suede from Italy... it's a little sneak peak of what Ronni and I are working on.

Happy Hump Day!



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